Tea Time

I used a candy dish to model the tea cup out of plaster cloth and gave it more stability wrapping it with masking tape. I shaped the "saucer" out of air dry putty and also wrapped it in masking tape. Under the saucer I used the 5” plywood circle, 1” split wood ball, and I cut a piece off of a wood dowel. Using hot glue I assembled the pieces together. This piece is designed to spin like a top. I used the 2” wood block to make a stand for the piece to sit on. The handle of the tea cup was made to look like the Chester cat disappearing. I used air dry putty for the face of the cat. I used the marbles for the eyes, and aluminum wire and plaster cloth for the body. Inside of the tea cup is Alice and Hatter. I made a mold of the figures and used plaster of paris to form them. I also used a piece of the felt around the Hatters hat. The table is made of the 3” wood circle, 1” wood block, and a piece of canvas laid on top.  The tea cup, tea pot and silver ware are made of air dry putty. The pieces are glued down with the container of glue provided. Under the table is the left over’s of the plaster of paris and a piece of air dry clay to give the characters height. I also used the left over canvas to imply tea in the cup. I chose the quotes on the cup and saucer to convey the nonsense of sitting in a cup of tea while having tea. (This is an actual spinning top)