Breakfast at Tiffany's

To make the mold for Holly's head, I put some hot glue on a doll\'s face.  I pressed 1 pack of the air dry clay into the mold and let dry.  I put the two wood balls and some putty in to stuff her head.  I used more putty to make her hair.  I stuck a piece of a dowel in to insert her head into the arms (also made from putty attached to another dowel so I could stick it in the chair).  Her dress is made from the canvas square painted black.  So are her gloves.  The cigarette is made from a stirring straw colored black and a mini dowel.  Her legs are made from the air dry putty and just tucked into her dress.  Her tiara is aluminum wire and a marble.  Her necklace is the other marble and some braided cord.  The chair is Plaster of Paris molded in a small cup with a hole drilled in it for the dowel that runs through her body.  I covered the top of the tin with masking tape and painted it like a wood floor.  I painted the plaster cloth green and wrapped it around the edge of the tin for grass.  I made the Tiffany jewelry from the aluminum wire wrapped around a large dowel and cut for the chain.  The hearts are made from putty painted silver.  The table is made from a 5" wood circle (covered in white felt and trimmed with braided cord), a 3" wood circle, a large dowel, and the cork.  The cat is carved from the candle, then painted.  All the Tiffany boxes are made from the wood blocks, painted Tiffany blue and tied with masking tape ribbon.  The rose is made from the mini dowel, some putty, and the clear tube cut and stuck into the table by drilling a hole.  The buns are made of putty and the cantaloupe is made from the split ball, both sitting on small wood circle plates.  The coffee cup is made from putty with an "H" pressed in for "Holly".  The Tiffany jewelry on the table is made from aluminum wire.  I used the newsprint to paint a New York City background.