Reliving the Matrix

I cut and bent the metal tin to form the city of Zion in The Matrix. There are also other materials like the cork, plastic tube , and a 1.5" wood circle incorporated. I used the masking tape to hold it all together.I went over it with plaster and plaster cloth. I used some of the pieces of wood (part of the 2" wood block, the 3/16" and 7/16" Dowels, plywood circles) and straws to form the base of the chair with glue. I then used the Newsprint and tape to form the correct shape. I went over it with plaster and plaster cloth. I made the faces of Morpheus and Neo using some of the pieces of wood (1" wood blocks and mini dowels)and the modeling clay. I formed their bodies using cut up sections of the plastic bags stuffed with paper. I made their clothes with canvas, braided cord (I unbraided the cord), and balloon. Their shoes were made out of wood and candle, and their hands were made out of modeling clay and putty. Neo is propped up with some of the plastic tube. I made the bodies of the machines from The Matrix out of wood (1" inch wood block and 1" split wood block) and putty. Their arms and tentacles were made out of metal wire, metal tin, part of the 2" wood block, and putty. I made the telephone out of candle. Its wires were made out of the metal wire, paperclip wire, and the metal piece from the candle. The table was made out of the 1.5" wood circle with candle, plastic tube, and a marble. The TV was constructed with felt soaked in plaster and a little bit of the rubber band. The red and blue pills were made out of rolled up rubber band and tape.