Our team entered the Mystery Build contest with one major goal in mind, to have fun and express a little creativity.  This was evident when we sat down a discussed our favorite movies that we felt would be a good fit for the contest.  After careful consideration we chose “Despicable Me”.  Instantly our ideas flowed and soon the objects which we found most entertaining became obvious, the Minions.  We searched for “The” iconic image that would help portray their true character and the roof top platform was the setting to show it off.  Once we had our subject and setting we quickly planned the use of each item making sure to leave a few pieces for the unforeseen events that could arise during the build.  Our small team divided the project into pieces to be built separately, then brought together for final assembly.  It was exciting and fun to see the forms start taking shape from the random miscellaneous items provided. The roof top base was built from the tin container the kit arrived in.  Tape was the main bonding material to connect the pieces together and to attach the layer of shingles made from the fold news print paper.  The brick gables gained their texture from scored tape and the instruction booklet provided in the kit.  After a little paint we had a base. Extending up through the roof was the platform with articulating arm.  Several ideas were considered but in the end its assembly consisted of a small wood cube, large wood disc, a cork, medium wood dowel, 2 small round discs cut into gears, 1” sphere, a little wire, and some plaster cloth.  These items where structurally connected together with precession drilled holes and white glue to transfer the weight to the base. The large Minions proved to be a little challenging; they started out with a wood core wrapped in air dry putty which failed to give us the desired results.  The second attempt worked with great success.  Plaster of Paris was poured into plastic molds to shape the main body then cut free and shaped.  Overalls were crafted from the canvas square and colored blue.  The legs came from the clear plastic construction tubes and covered in blue canvas.  The arms and details of the face took shape from the air dry putty and received a coating of paint to give color and detail.   The small Minions were cut from the large dowel, shaped and painted by hand; they can only be truly enjoyed with a close look. After the final assembly we felt very satisfied of our project and surprised at the number of items that went unused.  This was our first experience with the Mystery Build contest and we are looking forward to next year.