Gandalf Arrives

Gandalf Arrives Samantha Boeger Wilton, CA Description: The hardest part of the mystery build was actually picking my favorite movie!  The first few months I had the kit was spent figuring out which movie i really wanted to recreate. I decided to go with what always inspired me as a kid, and still inspires me today. As a child there was an amazing art piece that hung in our hallway. The image was a finely detailed illustration of a grey figure with a matching grey hat and beard. I always believed it was a drawing of my dad, and that the smaller figure next to him, with brown hair was me. The other portraits that surrounded the border of the piece were of scary monsters and beautiful elves. I made up my own stories to go along with their faces.  Many years later, I found out that the illustration was of 'Lord of the Rings' and that the bearded man was Gandalf the Grey, with Frodo Baggins standing beside him. When the first movie was released, it was so intriguing and inspirational with the way the imagery believably created middle earth. After looking at all of the materials given for the build, the tin reminded me a lot of the 'one ring'. From there, my imagination took off, and i was getting to recreate my favorite scene. Here is a list of all the steps used to create the shire and the scene 'Gandalf Arrives' from the Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring: 1. Cut the metal tin to use as a base. Painted base gold and lettered 'the ring' Elvish writing in red. 2. Used the extra metal pieces and cut the top part of the tin to add the platform and structure for the tree and the house. 3. The larger wooden stick was taped to the frame to create a base for the tree, the extra metal pieces were twisted to make branches. Created dome like structure with the metal to create Bilbo's house. 5. Folded metal to make steps leading up to the house 6. Used plaster of paris wrap to create texture on the tree, and cover the house, windows, steps and form the brick under the road 7.While paster was drying, the medium wood circle disc was perfect for the door, taped strips to look like wood panels. Painted it green and used more tape to create a door hinge so the door could open. Rolled plaster of paris wrap into a small ball for door knob then painted gold. 8. Mixed up plaster and smoothed over the road to make cobblestone effect, and give areas where the grass would be for more texture.  9. Painted tree base, grass and house. 10. Rolled up tape into bundles to mimic the look of leaves on the main tree. 11. Cut plastic bags into tiny strips, painted green,  bunched together with tape and stuffed into open areas of the plaster wrap to look like grass. Placed anywhere there was a gap to fill empty spaces. 12. Small white straws were cut down for the fence in front of the stairs. Tiny strips of plaster wrap was used to create base and keep in place, and tape strips for the boards. Painted brown. Same process used for Bilbo's Birthday Banner and the sign on the front gate. 13. Used the bendable wire to make the structure for the horse and Gandalf. Air dry puff putty was used for the horse, and the air dry sculpey was used for Gandalf and his awesome looking hat! 14. Smaller wooden discs and wooden stick used for cart and cart axel, folded paper to make a box shape and tapped to cart. Used a tool called 'Big shot' to make a texture onto the paper to give an appearance of a wicker basket. Painted brown, and two smaller cubes glued together to make a seat. The cart actually moves too, which made it more of a challenge, but really fun to execute. 15. Painted Gandalf and horse, used 2 wooden sticks to make the cart attach to the horse with air putty formed around the horse's saddle. 16. Left over putty was used to make more leaves and grass and was perfect to mold around the house and hill.  17. Used an airbrush to finish painting the rest of the build. Which was very helpful for getting in places that are hard to reach with a paint brush, like the tape leaves, and add shading. The wonderful thing about airbrush is that it doesn't take a lot of paint and is fast for adding more details. 19. A strand from the canvas material was perfect for the reins, glued to Gandalf's hands and to horse's halter, so he can steer the horse down the road. 20. Put the marbles given in the material bag, inside the cart to create a sense of magic! And placed Gandalf and cart onto road, ready to visit Bilbo!