Requiem for a Dream

MATERIALS USED: Sara Goldfarb= wire and air putty for body, air clay for face, canvas dress (sewn with canvas strings), felt and un-braided cord for hair. Dress in closet= wire hanger, canvas dress, plastic bag, paper from instructions, newsprint, plywood circle, masking tape. Dress with zipper= canvas, air putty, and zip lock from plastic bag. Large pill bottles= rolled up plastic bag, hot glue, air putty, instruction paper for caps, newsprint for prescription. Chair= wood square, canvas, hot glue Table= wood dowel, plywood circle, masking tape, hot glue Lamp= wax, mini dowel, air putty, hot glue Tiny pill bottles= straw with air dry clay pills  Refrigerator= instruction paper, masking tape, plastic bags/cord as filler so I didn't use as much plaster, construction tube (to move it out from the wall), and plaster for body, straws, glue, and cut metal container for teeth.  Stove= instruction paper with brushed on plaster, air dry clay coils, hot glued to wall Clock= air dry clay Cabinets= metal container pieces, masking tape, plastered to wall Kitchen floor= newsprint with melted wax Carpeting= felt Apartment walls= plaster cloth, metal container-- holds them up straight/allowed for easy removal to get different camera angles, masking tape and plaster to hold on the metal. Television and speakers= metal container pieces and newsprint Food= air dry putty, braided cord, hot glue, and metal lid with masking tape Hospital Gurney= etched metal lid for floor of hospital, wood block, newsprint Oxygen mask= hot glue and canvas string Electric shock therapy table= painted metal lid with aluminum wire restraints,  "Brain monitors?"= canvas strings and air dry clay, teeth guard is also air dry clay. Electric shock doctors= wood blocks, air dry clay, aluminum wire, and hot glue Bed at the End= felt Music is from the soundtrack, it's called "Meltdown."