3 Women Rocking Out

   by Hannah Park for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Three Women Playing Musical Instruments

Inspiration Artist: Katsushika Oi

3 Women: Built the shape of the body using cardboard box materials came in as well as steel wire. Used wax stick and Elmers glue for adhesive. Covered with chvant modeling clay to shape body. Used the padding paper for paper mache to create a hard layer over clay. Sculpey polymer clay was used for hands and head. The hair I started with the floral foam block, then covered with clay. Added pieces of wood and canvas cloth strands for hair pieces.
Koto (Long instrument in front): Sawed hardwoods. I took strands from the canvas cloth, used a hair straightener to straighten strands, and used for string.
Shamisen (Guitar like): Used wire and chavant clay. I used sculpey polymer clay to create the pegs. I tied strands from the canvas cloth around the pegs and sealed with wax glu.
Kokyu (Instrument with bow): Wire and sculpey polymer clay. Wire for the bow. Undid rope to get strands for the strings of the bow. Braided strands from canvas cloth to hold the both of string.