A Mother's Love

   by Elizabeth Goff for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Mother and Baby sketch

Inspiration Artist: Picasso

I used the wired to make a frame/stand for the woman. I used the polymer clay to cover the frame and shape the woman and then painted it. The eyes and lips were painted using a sewing needle. The hair was made out of the straw, I pulled it apart and then dyed it using red, green, and blue koolaid after drying I tacked the hair/straw with hot glue. The baby was made of oven-baked clay that I then painted. I stained the cloth from the kit using tea and draped it around the mother and baby using only a tiny bit of hot glue to tack it on the back. The vanity was made using the large wood block with a square cut out and the top was the flatter rectangle wood piece held together with the Elmer's glue. The wood was carved using a dremel, they were painted white and the detail was done in black. The mirror was made out of one of the small wood panels and painted silver then white with detail done in black using a sewing needle. The mystery box was cut to make it an open frame to hold the walls. One wall was made out of the canvas and the other out of three of the wood panels painted white then blue. Both walls were painted blue using blue koolaid. The floor was the untouched wood panel included in the kit. I glued the walls in place using hot glue. I still have half a glue stick and most of the Elmer's glue left.

This was super fun and I enjoyed using the polymer clay.