A Rich Man is a Poor Man With Money:Two hands Two Tales

   by Ryan Duprey for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Drawing Hands

Inspiration Artist: Mc Escher

I chose to do Mc Escher’s work titled “Drawing Hands” but with a new modern day twist. “Drawing Hands” is one of his most famous lithographs out of the four hundred and eighty eight he did in his lifetime. The piece does not depict the rules of our world, instead it shows us the magical rules of art, where gravity can be defied, perspectives need not add up and two hands may draw themselves into existence. However I chose to go deeper and show another interpretation and adaptation of the creation. A famous actor and comedian by the name of W.C. Fields once said that “A rich man is just a poor man with money”. This quote stuck out to because the meaning was broken down to me just a few weeks ago by my conspiracy stricken cousin. It basically means that there’s really no difference between a rich man and a poor man other than money. Regardless of how they got in that position or how hard they worked for what they have, take a rich man’s money and things with monetary value, and he is no different than a man in need panhandling on the street.
With that said, Ryan and I chose to do Mc Escher’s “Drawing Hands” and retitled it “Monetary Counterparts”. The fact that, in the picture, hands are creating each other, made us feel that this was a perfect way to try and wow the judges. We want to show that one could easily be the other in this loop of an economy we live in. One day you can be on top then the next thing you know you could be facing foreclosure and a car repossession. Upper class people are held at a higher standard than middle and lower class people only because of their worth, but take that away from them and they would be treated as what the ninety-nine percentile would call…normal.