A Song for the Eyes

   by Jennifer Fonseca for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Jose Roosevelts Autumn Morning and the surrealism of Salvador Dali

This piece was started off by creating the tree. It was constructed of paper mache for the inner part of the base, wrapped with wax clay. About 15 pieces of was clay were rolled individually then wrapped around the tree and up to the branch which was formed with wire. The piece was then painted.

The book was constructed of the large wood plank, cut in threes. The muslin fabric, the box the materials came in and fused together with the hot glue stick. Once the wood was fused to give an open book base, the cardboard was then cut and formed to add depth to the book then covered with the muslin. Book was then painted and scribed on.

The burning giraffe consisted of wax clay, wire, and muslin. The base that the giraffe sits on is wire that is formed into a circle then sewed to the cardboard surface by using strands of the muslin. The nubs and ears of the giraffe are just wood shavings and the flame is a cut out painted piece of muslin which was glued together using elemers glue.

The uprising hand started off with the wood block cut in half then carved to resemble that of a forearm. Wooden drawers were then carved out. Wax clay was used at top to create and open hand. At the bottom is a layer of the baking clay ( not baked) and wax clay which was then painted and decorated. The dirt on top and around the hand is the foam block which was crushed in brown paints and glue then sprinkled on top and around, with strands from the rope painted and hung between the fingers.

The background is the 6 small planks all glued together then painted then fused to the cardboard surface by using the small white plastic balls.

The landscape has wax clay, paper mache, foam block and wooden shavings. The wax clay was formed to give the look of rocks, and the one eyed flower. Paper mache was painted to resemble bushes/mounds. Foam block was crushed in green paints and glue, then sprinkled all around the surface for a mossy appearance. The wood shavings were dipped in green painted and sprinkled around for a grassy look.

The eye on the tree is of wax clay and wire.

My original piece was going to be that of the actual painting but really wanted to nail the "re-invent" part so my original arm and hand were made of paper mache but never used for that. Instead I broke the arm apart and that is what was used for the small mounds and bushes in the scenery. My background was inspired by a so called Dali painting but I can not seem to come across the name of the painting. I kept true to my own eye, but really wanted to incorporate pieces of Dali.