A moment in a day in the life of victorian monsters

   by Frances Lafferty for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: various portraits

Inspiration Artist: Travis Louie

I used everything in the mystery box except for the wooden blocks. The Sculpy was used for the heads and bee bodies. The bodies if the monsters were created from a wire frame and the wax based clay.
The spider was made from the floral foam then covered in glue soaked paper strips. The legs are wire and the tops of the spider's legs have two layers of glued canvas to give the legs a thicker look. His top hat is paper stuffed canvas and his eyes are the tiny plastic balls glued together.
The trees, bushes and way-back background are cardboard. The sides of the ground are also cardboard and were coated in the wax clay to give a seamless appearance then painted.
The croquet mallets are the dowels, croquet balls are wax clay and the table legs are dowels.
The monsters hair, steam from the pie and stained glass window effect are from unraveled rope and glue.
The background is the hard canvas. The shingles are cloth canvas, as well as the table cloth.
I glued the strips of shredded paper together then cut and pasted them to create the birds flying out of the pie, wings for the bees, tiny flowers, tiny leaves, candles with flames on the chandalier, and to cover seams in the house.
The house is made from the sheets of wood, lots of glue, and wire. The table top is also from a sheet of wood.

Unfortunately, I am not a decent photographer and I am computer illiterate. It really looks great in real life.