American Gotham

   by Silvia Souza and Purple Cobras for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: American Gothic

Inspiration Artist: Grant Wood

The team had five band members who decided to do a compromise between Grant Wood’s American Gothic and Georgia O’Keefe’s Manhattan skyscraper paintings. Also they liked playing with the words in the title of American Gothic.
They used the canvas as a backdrop, the wood piece as their base, the box and several blocks for their skyscrapers to create the landscape features. They then fiddled with wire in creating a tool/implement/weapon but decided against using it instead opting to include the bat signal lantern. They created that using the polymer clay. They created Batman and Robin by carving them from the block of wax clay. Paint was applied to all surfaces.

This was constructed by a group of 8th graders in Mrs. Souza's art class. They had to work together and figure out how to use the supplies and create their piece with some guidance but very little direct involvement from Mrs. Souza.