American Gothic 2013

   by Kelly Gray for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: American Gothic

Inspiration Artist: Grant Wood

I tried to use as many of the materials that I could to make my project. I used the Mystery Build Box to make the house, added wire to get the look of the siding. The meltable beads worked out great for the windows, Painting the back for the look of curtains. I used the panels of wood for the roofing. I used the large panel of wood for the porch. To create the people I made a wire frame, covered it in the clay. Made the faces, hands, iPod and Weedwacker from the Sculpey. All of these were then painted to add detail and color. I made the plants from clay, wire and the flower foam. The barn is made out of the wooden blocks. To make the trees I cut the canvas board, painted them and glued them to the back of the house.

American Gothic 2013 is a modern version of American Gothic by Grant Wood.
The soundtrack is a royalty free upbeat ukulele piece.
This was an awesome project to work on, Thank you for the opportunity.