American Gothic Revisited

   by Jodie Dilno for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: American Gothic

Inspiration Artist: Grant Wood

The background and lower part of the house is painted in acrylic paint on the canvas board. The top part of the house and the porch and barn are assembled using the hardwood pieces and then painted. For the man I sculpted his head and hands out of Chavant clay. Steel wire was used for his glasses. His jacket and shirt are made out of a piece of the canvas cloth that I painted. His body was built around a steel wire frame using paper pulp made from the shredded newsprint. The pitchfork tines are made out of the Friendly Plastic Pelets then attached to a wooden dowel handle. For her I sculpted her head out of Chavant clay. Her dress is a piece of canvass painted with the trim and her blouse being made out of the Sculpey polymer clay. Her broach is chavant clay and her body was formed from paper pulp made from shredding the box. Her hair is the rope that I untwisted, painted and glued to her head. The frame is cut from the front of the box and then glued onto the oak plywood I used as a base for the people and the canvas board background.