An Interpretation of the Concrete Jungle

   by Naraida Yousuff for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: New York City

This project was created using almost all materials in the mystery build box. The inspiration for this challenge immerged from the largest block of wood provided in the mystery box. On the block of wood, I immediately began sketching a row of buildings aligned next to each other. I then used a heavy duty electrical saw to neatly cut the wood. The small thin pieces of ply board were used to create an image of the Brooklyn Bridge. I used some of the clay to create the King of the Jungle, King Kong. The sculpey was used to replicate my imitation of lady liberty. I used acrylic paints to add some color to my buildings. Since we were allowed to use Ink Jet I gently peeled the label off of the mystery build box and aligned a number of various New York trademarks on it and printed it out. I used many of these print outs to paste on the buildings of my reinvention of the famous Times Square. I also used gesso on the canvas included in the kit to create my version of the waters that surround the island of Manhattan. There are a number of many intricate details included all over this project. Though pictures do not do it much justice, I hope that what can be depicted from the photos may be pleasing to the eye.