Blown Away

   by Patricia Delk for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Body frame was created with multiple lengths of steel wire wrapped and then wrapped again in glue soaked canvas cloth strips.
The face and upper torso was sculpted with the Sculpey polymer clay and the Rope separated into individual strands and inserted into the polymer clay head of the figure before baking.
The shredded newsprint and was soaked and blended to create a fine paper-mache mulch and mixed with the glue.
The figure was glued and doweled to the hardwood block.
The paper-mache was applied in multiple layers over several days to allow time to dry
The floral foam block was grated fine and mixed in with a acrylic paint layer to mimic the rough texture of rust.
The complete figure was painted with thin coats of 5 different colored acrylic paints to build the color of rusty metals and the rope hair was colored with walnut ink.

Box Materials: Sculpey clay, rope, wire, canvas, glue, dowel, wood block, florest foam
Additional materials: Acrylic Paint and walnut ink