Buddha on Half Shell

   by Sylvia Ellis for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

I researched the painting for color and placement of my deities. I built Buddha with the floral foam as a center and the clay was molded on top. I first used a wood burning tool to work the clay. It was to hot and I finish the surface with clay tools. then painted the surface with acrylic paint. He holds a pearl made from the friendly plastic. the scallop shell is molded of sculptey using a real shell. I used the canvas for the background and molded the tree with paper clay and painted it to match the inspirational piece. I struggled with Vishnu He was the most challenging and went from a flat piece to a armature wire paper clay painted piece back to a flat painted surface in reverse. The Goddess was formed from armature wire and clay previously she was started in wood but I struggled with the wood and went back to clay. I researched the goddess figure also.

The finished piece is sitting in the original box with the frame center cut out.