Butcher Bunny 3D

   by Michele Parliament for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Butcher Bunny

Inspiration Artist: Mark Ryden

Here's how I used the materials in the kit:

*Assorted hardwoods- base of the meat case, support for the back, butcher's block
*Canvas board- back wall of the shop (I had to make up some of the images since I was working off a 2D painting and not everything is visible)
*Canvas cloth- Jesus, Lincoln, kitten, puppy, meat bucket (stiffened with the glue and painted)
*Floral foam block- top of the meat case (cut and sanded before painting)
*Friendly Plastic pellets- knives on the butcher block (cut out then painted)
*Glue bottle- gluing everything together, stiffening the canvas cloth
*Oak plywood- floor, ceiling, rabbit, girl, ham and meat on the butcher's block (I cut the figures out with an Exacto knife)
*Rope- hanging the meat, stringing the hot dogs and sausages, cat's whiskers, tag hangers (I pulled the fibers apart)
*Shredded newsprint- meat labels, knife holder on the butcher's block (I glued some of the strips together to create wider labels)
*Steed wire- meat hooks
*Sculpey polymer clay- all the meats hanging from the ceiling (then painted them)
*Wooden dowels- butcher's block legs, supports for the bunny, girl and ceiling (cut, sanded and painted)

The only thing I added was acrylic paint.

This was so much fun to work on! I only hope I did justice to one of my favorite paintings.