Byzantine Archangel

   by Kristin Schultz and Phoebe, Morgan, Emily for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Archangel Gabriel

Inspiration Artist: Michael Psellos

We spray-painted the wooden board yellow, then attached a cardboard "halo" (spray-painted gold), cardboard wing bases (painted brown and white), and a clay body base and head base to the board. We used sculpting tools to create texture and dimension in the face and the shirt fabric, then painted those with acrylics. We also painted the canvas cloth, which we cut and folded to make the black shawl (which was then painted with white details). The hair is part wood block (carved with a Dremel and wood-chipping tools) and part individual clay nubs, which we heated with steam to make them more easy to sculpt. These were then painted, as were the clay hands, one of which clutches a staff made from a wooden rod (also carved with the Dremel). The wing feathers are 43 separate rounded rectangles cut from the packing paper in the box. We mixed different blue paints to get the gradient effect. The frame is cut wooden panels and flattened clay coils (painted brown).

Thanks for the opportunity :-)