Can I get a Cabana Boy Over Here?

   by Christina Barnes and solo for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Dream

Inspiration Artist: Henri Rousseau

I used everything in the box, including the box. Canvas board was used for the backing of the stage, thin pieces of wood were used for the dividers, the native and the cats, cardboard from the packing box was used for the oranges and some tree parts, some plants, bag of shredded paper was used for trees and fern looking plants, sculpy was used for plants and flowers, chavant was used for woman and some plants, stands for flowers, blocks of wood were used for stands for trees and couch, foam was used to stick plants in with the wire which was used as an armature for the woman and the flowers as well as trees, plastic beads were used for making the 2 birds in the background and the monkey in the background. Tools were saws, x-acto, clay modeling tools, the glue from the kit as well as the glue stick were used on trees and plants, couch. All was painted with airbrush, water soluble oils, acrylics and pencils.

I had a blast!