Controlled Demolition

   by Desiree Kawass for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Soft Clock at the Moment of Explosion

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

Tools Used
Scissors, Acrylic Paint, Carving Tools, Xacto Knife, Wood Burning Kit, Needle

Materials Used
Original box - was glued shut and sculptey clay was used to create seamless edges and corners. Glue was painted over these seams to create a seal and non porous surface before painting the box.

The original label (sticker) - was folded (picture side in, sticky side out) and 3 butterflies were cut out of this paper and painted with acrylic paint and adhered to site of "explosion"

Assorted Hardwoods - (1 block used) block was painted with acrylic paint and used to elevate the clock on the base.

Canvas Cloth - was frayed and pieces were used as thread to sew the canvas cloth to the steel wire frame. Canvas was painted with acrylic paint for the detail on the face of the cloth.

Chavant modeling clay - was used to mold the border of the clock, the conical shaped pieces and the spiral head at the top of the clock. Clay was painted with acrylic paint to create a weathered/antique look.

Friendly Plastic pellets - were not manipulated, but used "as is" to create accent pieces at the "explosion" site. Tiny pieces of clay were used to adhere them initially, then they were brushed with glue and painted.

Oak Plywood - was stenciled and numbers were burnt out with wood burning kit, sanded and painted blue to create the 3D effect on the face of the clock. Plywood was also cut and used in the frame of the clock as support.

Shredded Newsprint - only a few pieces were used, painted blue on either side, a spiral effect was created with an overlapping technique and adhered to the point of "explosion"

Steel wire - Used to create the frame for the canvas for the clock. Used to create the spiral explosion site where butterflies, pellets, conical shaped clay were adhered to and painted with acrylic paint. Used to create the antennae for the 2 Large butterflies on the base of box and face of clock.

Sculpey Polymer Clay - was used to mold and create the 2 large, 3D butterflies. They were baked and painted with Acrylic Paint.