by Destinei Waddy for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Swing

Inspiration Artist: Jean Honore Fragonard

The structure that holds my pieces and has been decorated as the background for my piece was made from the box. I ripped of the front and left a piece on the side. I used a razor to make cuts on the side piece so that it may bend to curve like a tree. My grass was made out of the shredded paper dipped in water and glue from the glue bottle; like a paper mache. Then I used green acrylic paint and painted it. The bush that the man is laying in was made from the floral foam block and then painted with acrylic paint.I then placed the Canvas board inside the open square space to serve as my background. The gentleman in the background along with the seat he sits on, the scuplted figures beside him, and the bush beside it, were all made out of the sculpey polymer clay. His hands are extended from the canvas in a 3D appeal from wire that I brought through the back of the canvas and then covered in the sculpey. The items on the canvas board from sculpey clay and the background itself were then painted with acrylic paint. I then used the glue stick and attached two small pieces of rope to each one of his hands. The man lying on the ground, the lady in dress, and the angel on the podium were all given a wire frame and then molded with the Chavant modeling clay. I used a blow dryer to soften the clay for use and I put the the figures in the freezer whenever I needed them to harden for detailing. They were all painted with acrylic paint. The hat in the hand of the man lying on the ground was made out of the Sculpey polymer clay and then painted with acrylic paint. It was glued to his hand with the glue stick. The man is glued to the ground with the bottle glue. The woman's dress is covered in the plastic that was originally covering the Chavant modeling clay. The podium was made from a piece of the oak plywood that I cut with handsaw and from one of the other assorted hardwoods. They were pieced together with the glue stick and then covered with Chavant modeling clay. It was then painted with acrylic paint. I then attached the small angel on the podium with two drops of the glue stick and the rest with the bottle glue. Then I attached the whole podium to the left inside of box with drops of the glue stick and the bottle glue. To make the swing I attached wire with the glue stick from underneath the seat and the girl's dress and let it come up under both of her arms above her head on each each side. I then unraveled the rope into smaller rope pieces and from that, took two pieces with the glue stick and wrapped it around the wire on both sides of her arms. I allowed enough wire and rope to come above both of her arms so that I could attach them in a way to the top of the box and have her hanging free on the swing. The fixed wire and rope that were used to hang her in the sky were attached to the top of the box with both glues and then covered in sculpey polymer clay for a cleaner look. This part was then colored with acrylic paint and decorated at part of the sky.

I really enjoyed doing this project. This is my first time sculpting , using wire, and using a handsaw for anything; but it was most definitely an amazing experience.