by August King and Allie Frost, Kim Mackley, Rion Stassi, Steve Winter for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Broadway Boogie Woogie

Inspiration Artist: Piet Mondrian

As designers, art-lovers and NYC residents, we all are continually inspired, intrigued and challenged by living in one of the world's greatest cities. Mondrain felt this way too and expressed this in one of his most famous late pieces, Broadway Boogie Woogie. Broadway BW is about jazz, it is about New York, it is about the fast pace of life in the city, it is about symmetry living together with chaos.

Seventy years later, our New York can still be seen in Broadway Boogie Woogie. Folding Flats nods to contemporary New York by pulling Mondrian's grid of the city and folding it playfully around itself. No longer a flat surface, no ends, no beginnings, much like Mondrian's vision for his modernist artistic practice. Our project reflects the rhythms of jazz and life in the city in the form of extrusions emanating from the folded planes.

The central plane is made of canvas, bleached and treated with a melted glue and water combination to give rigidity and translucency. The canvas is painted to mimic the original piece. The two outer planes were crafted from laser cut hardwood. The negative spaces translate into Mondrian's primary colors and then become extruded by inserting band-sawed and laminated hardwood.

Viewed from any angle, the original feel of Broadway Boogie Woogie can be experienced. Once a flat plane of a busy city, now a 3-dimensional conceptual sculpture.