by Jon Blistan and Jared Lairmore, Stacy Lyons-Kuehnlenz, Jackie Guido, Sara Dobbs for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Banksy Toronto 2010

Inspiration Artist: Banksy

Elements used:
Steel Wire
Thin Wood Strips
Hardwood Blocks
Elmer's glue

Finishing elements:
Spray paint
Poly Urethane
Wood Stain
Opaque Paint Markers

Laser Cutter
Hand Carving
X-acto Knife
Spray Painting
Needle Nose Pliers

How it was Built:
1.) Sculptural Pieces - We carved, cut, and chopped the hardwood blocks with a Japanese finishing saw, chisel, and X-acto Knife to create small detailed sculptures. When the sculptures are positioned correctly in a concentrated light, they project a shadow of a person in the "frisk" position.

2.) Stencils - We translated the original image into vector art to create a template for our stencils. We broke the image down into 3 color layers each with a corresponding stencil. The ground layer is black, the contrast layer is white, and the detail layer is silver. Spray painting the stencils in this manner reflects the style of the original Banksy piece.

3.) Wire Letters - We used needle nose pliers to cut, and bend the steel wire into the letters that appear at the top of our piece. We replaced the original word "Banksy" with "Bloomberg" referring to Michael Bloomberg. The letters were then spray painted red and adhered to the window.

The location you see is in the interstitial space between our Design Studio (in Brooklyn NY) and an outer alleyway. The stencils were sprayed, and the word "Bloomberg" was glued to an existing translucent acrylic window. Our building has very unique and unusual spaces as a result of its rich history dating back to the 19th century.