DaVinci Today

   by Vivian Bound and Scarlett, Kristin for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Leonardo DaVinci's Helicopter

Inspiration Artist: Leonardo DaVinci

We used the wood in order to carve out the bottom of the project. Then we placed and glued a dow rod in the center of a circular piece of wood in order to create a base in which we may be able to wind canvas and wire around to create the fan like protrusions of the wings. By winding the twine in our hands with glue we were able to make a strong, firm supports for the wooden dow rod. After adding the support beams we took a small piece of clay and added it around the base of the dow rod. When the machine part of the project was completed we painted it a dark brown and extenuated the lines around the canvas to draw the eye to the wing part of the structure. By using the excess bits of canvas and clay we were able to create a person. For the person we used twine and paint to add detail to the face and eyes. We painted the box in order to have more saturated tones in the background.