by Amy Beth Quering for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Burning Giraffe

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dalí

I built my project from dragon tears…which wasn't included in the kit…just kidding.

First I took two wood blocks cut them down and drilled holes in them to use as supports. Then I took wire and constructed a form. Being I am not a sculptor, I have no clue what I am doing, I just did what came naturally…and with thought of balancing.

After I wired frames and tested support, I then wrapped clay around the frames to make figures. My idea of Dali rabbits came from my real life inspirations Mr. Butters and Cherry (both rescue rabbits).

Then I took the thin pieces of wood and constructed drawers by using clay as joint compound then hot gluing the insides for extra support. My father is a skilled wood craftsman…please do not tell him what I have done! After I made the drawers I set them aside to fill with green (grass) shredded paper and bubble gum (painted plastic pellets). The pellets were painted then assembled on top of Sculpey.

I created the carrots from Sculpey clay and used the twine for the carrot tops. I basically molded the tops into the carrot, and then used wire to pin them into the backs of the rabbits.

I made a support (crutch) with a wooden dowel and more clay. Then I adhered it to the base of the block with more clay and a bit of hot glue. For the dress bottoms I used a piece of plastic primed and painted that was from the clay…and for the other rabbit, I used the canvas that was included.

For the giraffe in the back, I drew a giraffe and cut it out of a wood piece. Then I used frayed canvas for the fringe on the neck. For the tail a piece of twine. I stained the wood with top coat nail polish. (Again, don't tell my woodsman father)

For the rabbit teeth, I used a small piece of broken wood and just inserted it into the clay. For the rabbit tails, I used frayed pieces of canvas, rolled them into balls with glue, then adhered them with a small piece of wire.

The background mountains were made from the cardboard box.

That is project got me to break out of a comfort zone. I am not a sculptor, but this was bunches of fun!