Damn, I stubbed my toe!

   by Bruce Plummer for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Little Dancer

Inspiration Artist: Edgar Degas

After the idea came to me, the backdrop was painted and set up with the
blocks for steps. Finally, I made the figure of the dancer.

I used the the wire and two types of modeling clay to make the figure.
The cloth was for the outfit. The canvas backdrop and floor piece with
the blocks was used to make the set. Of course, the glue was used.
Tools used were scissors, x-acto knife, and a dentist pick. Watercolor
was used to paint the item.

It's a good thing I re-read the directions as I was all set to use the
packaging material strips for the ballet skirt, but then discovered you could
not use them. Too bad as they would have made a great tutu.

My wife and I were visiting our other son in NYC and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we saw the Degas statue and I got
my idea for the project.