Dogs playing with Guns.

   by Ricardo Valderrama for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Dogs Playing Poker

Inspiration Artist: C.M. Coolidge

-Each one of the dogs has a skeleton made of wires to hold the clay and their positions on hold.
-I used saws and cutting machines to make as much wood as I can to make the table and measured each wooden boards with rulers to create the chairs, the green foam block was cut with an exacto blade to be used as cushions.
-All the wooden pieces were glued together to make the chairs and table.
-Any leftover chips of wood was used to build the guns and were then painted black.
-All the dogs were given a slightly different position and was painted afterwards.

My own version from this painting is from the painting, instead of dogs playing poker, the dogs have doglike heads but human bodies, and instead of cards, there are machine guns on the table. Gangsters who trade or sell guns are considered as dogs, so I wanted to send a type of messege saying all gang members are dogs.