Dr. Seuss' Taj Mahal

   by Michelle Stunkard for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Taj Mahal and the works of Dr. Seuss

Inspiration Artist: Dr. Seuss and Ustad Ahmad Lahauri

1. I cut the wood panels to form the interior structure. Hot glue holds the pieces together.
2. I then cut up the cardboard box to create the facade of the building. Also used hot glue to connect the pieces together and to the wood panel base.
3. I then used leftover panels to form the roof. (Ran our of hot glue-elmer's holds the rest of the project together)
4. I used pieces of newspaper and elmer's to cover the seams of the facade.
5. I used cardboard to make the the smaller domes on top. Their caps are made of the plastic pellets.
6. I used the green foam as the base of the dome and covered it with clay.
7. I used cardboard base, wire, elmer's and newspaper to make the towers.
8. I used clay to soften the edges of the facade and little domes and the white clay to embellish the big dome.
9. I used the canvas board top paint the fountain/courtyard on.
10. I used clay and wire to create the fish and it's "water" base.
11. The bushes around the tower are clay and the bushes around the fountain are rolled canvas and elmer's.
12. Everything is painted with acrylic paint. Accents are done in ink.

I really missed having masking tape :)