Earths Evolution

   by Michael Dauber for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Earth

Inspiration Artist: The universe? God?

I used my hands and all of the materials in the box including the box to make this fully functioning pinball machine. It took me a quite a bit of time to get the mechanisms down right. I only used one white plastic pearl, can you find it?

We were given the theme as re-invent a work of art, and given free range on all interpretations. I gave the idea some thought and came up with this fully functioning pinball machine. The Earth’s history is my inspiration. Forged by the universe, the Earth is a piece of art that encompasses all art. Its history and development of humans is so astronomically unlikely to occur that it had to be apart of some greater design. Every time played, the player can “reinvent” the Earth’s history. How many times will the earth get hit by a meteor, find the missing link, or even advancing civilization into space?

Game Elements:
Meteor Strike, mass extinction (500 points)
Finding the missing link (1000 points)
Developing civilization (2000)
Taking a rocket to outer space (5000 points, Win the game, become an astronaut)
Death (lose a life)
War/Nuclear weapons (lose a life)
Oil Slick/ pollution (lose a life)
“Hand of God” flipper

Game Rules
1. Player gets three lives, after three lives the game is over. When you lose a life move the life peg down one spot.
2. If the ball gets stuck, shake the game. If a player touches the ball, they automatically lose the game.
3. Launch the rocket into outer space to win the game.
4. Players must keep track of their own score. When you accumulate points and the ball ends up in the red box labeled “GO AGAIN”, do as it says and keep playing. Game only ends when lives run out.
5. Players who win the game are among an elite group of people willing to lay down their lives for the name of science; these people are astronauts.
6. Astronaut’s scores are higher than non-astronauts scores, no exceptions. A player with 40,000 points still is ranked lower than an astronaut with only 5000 points.

Game Play:
Take the ball and start by rolling it down evolutionary way, where life started to walk on land. The ball passes the prehistoric era (shown by the volcano), finds the missing link, develops civilization (shown by the pyramid) , and launches man into space using the rocket. Using the flipper the player is literally using the “Hand of God” and tries to accumulate as many points as possible. Point options are listed under game elements. After a player has earned points, the ball returns in the red box and they play again. Players keep track of their own score. If a player is able to hit the ball up the ramp and into the rocket, a rocket pops out of the top, and the ball rolls down the golden road under the winner’s archway back onto the board. When a player loses a life, a sign pops up and tells the player that they have lost a life. The ball returns, and as long as the player has lives, he/she can live to play another day.