Edge of Darkness

   by Edna Emmet and Carol Higgs, Ran Zeimer for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Christ in Limbo

Inspiration Artist: follower of Hieronymus Bosch

Description: Work on “Edge of Darkness” began by cutting apart the Mystery Box Build kit’s cardboard box. Other parts of the box became structure for the tent on the monster head as well as a platform for the monster to sit.
Monster: We drew and cut out a representation of the golden monster on the cardboard. We then applied the Air Dry Clay to the cardboard mask building up the contours of the monster. Canvas was used to frame the monster face with threads pulled to create fringe. Hardwood cube was sawed, shaped to form the monsters’ tongue. Holes were drilled and wire snipped into pieces. Wire was hot glued into the holes. Canvas was attached with hot glue. Eyes are Air Dry Clay placed on dowels. Tent: The top of the tent was made from clay. The tent sides are canvas pleated from threads pulled from the canvas. The tent platform is pieces of thin board Elmer glued together and then cut into a circle. Figures: We used sculpture tools and the Air Dry Clay to create the figures: Jesus with cape, devil with peaked hat, devil helpers, priest also with peaked hat and victims plus a winged creature. The wings of the creature are from the cellophane that wrapped the hard artist board. The white tree was made from the Sculpy clay as well as the dismembered leg, head, owl and frog.. Movement: The monster eyes move by levers of cut hardwood. The tongue goes into the monsters’ mouth by a string made from the canvas. The monster sits on plywood cut and Elmer glued. Jesus swings into action on a string created from the canvas. Paint: acrylic

We made our reinvention of Christ in Limbo with moving parts to highlight the drama. The included video is an essential part of the submission as it shows the dynamics of the submission.
This is a re-submission because we forgot the summary photo