Frida and Me

   by Karen O'Lone-Hahn for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Two Fridas

Inspiration Artist: Frida Kahlo

I used the canvas board to create the sky background from Fridas painting and the large piece of balsa wood for the floor. I used the other pieces of wood/balsa wood to construct a couch. I was able to cut the very thin balsa wood with scissors and exacto knives and cut the large chunks with an electric saw for the base of the couch and to support the canvas board background. I used the styrofoam to create arms and "stuffed" it with some of the shredded paper. I used the canvas fabric and hot glue stick to upholster the couch. I also used some of the shredded paper to make a mache to fill out and soften the arms and front of the couch. I painted the whole thing with gesso and then green acrylic paint. I used the wire to make armatures for the figures and then sculpted them with the plasticene clay. I carved the faces. I painted each with gesso and then with acrylic paint. I used the remaining canvas cloth to create the dresses and used the Elmers to glue them on. I used the clay to create the tiny paint brushes that each of them holds in their hands and painted the details with acrylic paint.

I had way too much fun doing this! It was a wonderful challenge. I chose this painting and inserted myself into it because Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists and I identify with her.