Gene Pelman Park Project

   by Terry Cox for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Gene Pelman Park

Inspiration Artist: Gene Pelman

Using only the material provided in the mystery box, I used a little of everything in the box and made or reinvented a work of art (in progress). The artist I used was a landscape artist by the name of Gene Pelham. He was known for his rural landscapes, realism, and human activity. This artist and his work is what inspired me for this project, theme, and work of art created.

The mystery box was used for the base/platform of my project. A three dimensional layout was in mind and done by using the cardboard box itself. The picture canvas was glued to the lid of the box which was the main focus of the project. The fabric cloth material was used and draped over the packing paper then glued down to the base to imitate a field of grass and old farm road. The red barn sets back in the foreground way behind the trees and workers. The picture scene was painted which leads you out of the picture and down the road to the open work like area. Trees were made of the rope, wire, twisted, and glued together then mounted on the platform. I used the shreaded packing paper for leaves and grass dipped in a paint bath for color. The rope was separated, twisted and glued for the dog leash, balllon string, and fencing. Wire was used for the railing, sign, and roses. The wood in the mystery box was cut, stripped and used for the ladder, sawhorses, stairs, fencepost, bridge, sign and park benches. The picture frame was also built from the cut peices of wood. Rolled out and flattened sculpy was cut and used for the frame for a custom frame look. With the format of my project allmost complete, I started making my clay figures out of the sculpting clay. With each figure painted they all had their own job and activity they were working on and one by one they came to life. The rule book words and lettering were also used for the park sign and blue print plans. The base, picture scene, people figures, and trees have all been painted complete in detail. I could now set all the workers in place, with tools ,paint brushes in hand its back to work they go .Just a little touch up , clean up and the park project was done . Completed in Jan 16th 2013 It was a picutre perfect day for the Grand Opening of the new GENE PELHAM PARK.