Gogh to your Bedroom

   by Lauren Dunoff and Raquel Dunoff and Lauren Dunoff for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Bedroom in Arles

Inspiration Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Bed- Wooden frame with a jigsaw cut headboard and footboard. The mattress is made out of a hollowed out clay slab, wrapped in canvas that was separated from the board. The blanket is the fabric painted red and tucked under. The pillows are made of sculpted green foam painted a light yellow. All of this is held together with the all purpose glue.
Chairs- Each chair is made out of trimmed dowels and small pieces from the wood sheets. The seat of the chair is woven with twine on wire in a "gods-eye" pattern.
Table- It is made out of wood with a painted on drawer. The items on the table were sculpted with Sculpey clay and a small amount of unraveled fabric.
Floor- The floor pattern was made out of painted newsprint strips that were woven together to look like floor boards.
Walls- The walls were created from the Mystery Box itself and the right wall is the back of the canvas without the fabric.
Door- A wooden sheet painted blue with blue details.
Mirror- A piece of a wooden sheet painted blue with the plastic wrap from the clay glued on and a wire hanger.
Windows- A wooden sheet painted green with the fabric from the canvas painted a lighter green.
Paintings- Painted on wooden sheets with frames made from the border of the Mystery Build brochure. Pictures are hung with wire.
Towel- Next to the door, the towel is made out of fabric painted and shaped.
Hat- The hat is sculpted out of clay.
Shirt- Fabric sewn with thread pulled from the fabric.
Coat rack- Wood with bits of wire.

14 year old Raquel Dunoff found Mystery Build online and was inspired to create her work of art. She was looking for a unique art competition and this was the perfect fit. Once she opened the box and saw the materials, she immediately thought to do Van Gogh's Bedroom. Looking at the painting one feels like they could walk into the room. And she tried her best to create this on a smaller scale. She has worked very hard all summer to complete her masterpiece.