Golden Girls

   by Destiny Schwartz for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: "Portrait of Adele" and "Judith"

Inspiration Artist: Gustav Klimt

I built this project around the plastic pellets, with the intention of lighting them from behind. The necklace backing and the woman's chest/head are made from the plastic pellets, as are the earrings. I cut pieces of glue stick so that light could also shine through them. I had hoped that glue with a tiny bit of paint mixed in would glow, but it didn't really. Cord and canvas was used for the dress, and styrofoam dust was used for color. There are also tiny squares cut from the frame on the directions, and some of the background is canvas board with paint rubbed in to make squares. The scrolls are sculpey. When I wear the necklace, canvas string is used to attach to my ears, and wire is used as the chain. The woman wearing the necklace is made with wood blocks, dowels, cardboard, and canvas for her torso, a styrofoam/clay head, and the remaining cord was used for her hair. The thin wood boards were cut for her headpiece (an element of a different Klimt painting). The blue on her outfit is made with the sky on the directions. I had to make sure all of the light coming from behind was contained, so the earrings have little paper tunnels on the back of them, and holes cut out on the cardboard backing.