Hello Dali

   by Laurie Goldstein-Warren for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Works of Salvador Dali

Inspiration Artist: Salvador Dali

Materials from kit used: rope, wire, clay, sculpey clay, canvas board, square wood board, wood dowel, paper packing material, glue stick, piece of burlap (canvas)
Materials used not from kit: acrylic paint
I began by painting a version of Dali's melting clocks on the canvas board. Then I began the clay elements of my piece, using the brown clay for the man emerging from egg and the ants and using the sculpey clay for Dali and the lobster. My nest boat was made from the piece of rope which I pulled apart and a few pieces of the shredded paper packing material which I curled and painted gold. The sail was made from the piece of canvas cloth which I frayed and made holes in. I painted the clay elements when dry with acrylic paint and placed them on the bottom wood board and drew the "reflections" on the board. Then I removed the clay elements and painted the bottom board to show reflections in water, attached the canvas painted board to the back and replaced the painted clay pieces on the "water" with hot glue..

I chose my title from the Barbara Streisand song and musical movie, Hello Dolly. The inspiration for all the art was Salvador Dali, one of my favorite surrealist artists.