Hiroshige Redux

   by Allison Blanks for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: suido bridge and surugadai

Inspiration Artist: utagawa hiroshige

i used the MB box, wire, dowels, and floral foam to build the armature for the

fish, covering it with chavant clay, and painting it with acrylic paint. the

fish's fins are from the canvas, and the fish eye is sculpey. i used the wooden

board as the backdrop and painted the scene with acrylic paints on it. i used

three pieces from the thin hardwoods as the signature cartouches, painted with

acrylic. i used the elmers glue to adhere everything. i did burn the shredded newsprint with the intent of mixing it into the black paint, but couldn't get it to a texture that i liked.