Honoring Vincent

   by Terry Molina for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Sunflowers 1887

Inspiration Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

To create the flowers I cut circles from the box, then soaked the rest of the box in water to separate its pieces. Then tore it into small pieces and used a food processor to turn it to pulp. Adding the smallest amount of glue possible I created the sunflower heads.

I took the thin packing strips and painted them yellow on both sides.
Using the clay I created the faces on three of the sunflower heads. Then glued the small yellow strips onto the heads one by one. I unwound the piece of rope and painted it orange, cutting it into small pieces to add among the petals on the flowers.

The faces were painted with acrylics.

I soaked and separated the canvas board, using the cardboard part and the canvas (fringed part on left side), along with the blocks of wood, styrofoam piece and the remaining small piece of cardboard from the box to create the set pieced. The square of material was painted and added to the right side. The entire set was painted with acrylics.

The sunflowers were added to the set and the entire piece photographed.

I did not use the plastic beads, dowels or wire.
I used every drop of glue, even cutting open the bottle to scrape off the last drop.

Van Gogh is my favorite artist and doing this piece was pure joy. I dedicate it to his mastery and vision, trying in my humble way to thank him for the hours of pleasure he has given to all of us.