I Left My Heart in San Francisco

   by Robert Rhoades and just me for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: song, " I left My Heart in San Francisco

Inspiration Artist: Tony Bennett

The attached photos I hope will answer this question. I worked primarily with the wood veneers, plywood and solid blocks to cut, carve, sand, glue and paint the elements of my tableau... Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies ( SF victorian row houses), Oracle sailing vessel, skyline of SF, Fisherman's Wharf sign, cable car, wharf planking, one carved walnut sea lion.
Other materials I used were A wire for: armatures for two of the sea lions, long looping cables for the bridge, a mast on the sail boat; B paper strips with glue to make the two larger sea lions, blended up strips with cardboard from the box interior to make paper pulp for casting ( the heart and several small seals which I decided not to use);C plastiline to make models for the seals and heart which were then cast in plaster to cast a permanent form in paper( ie. the seals and heart)
I considered using the sculpey or the casting beads for the heart but was happy enough with the paper heart; D sisal rope unbraided to the thin threads for vertical bridge cables. Tying these tiny fragile threads to the bridge wires was one of the trickiest operations I performed; E floral foam to make foliage( small trees) in front of the houses; F canvas for the sails of the sail boat; G canvas board for the painting of the backdrop hills and rolling in fog.
The tools that I used mostly were hand tools such as a matt knife, coping saw, wood gouges, pliers, scissors, paint brushes( acrylic paint) as well as a blender and a table saw a few times.

I had a grand time doing this project but I am confident that my wife is relieved that it is over.