Imaginings from Veridis Quo

   by Connor Doty and Matt Enwia for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Veridis Quo

Inspiration Artist: Daft Punk

The following materials I used included the cardboard, glue stick, the modeling clay, some of the steel wire, the glue bottle, some of the hardwoods, the canvas cloth, the floral foam block, the oak plywood, the sculpey, and the wooden dowels. For the aliens, I used the Sculpey. wire, and paint. For the grassy field with lava and the alien planet with road, I used a large block of wood as a platform (For the wizard to stand on), a plank of wood for the grass and lava, two flat pieces of wood for the road, glue from the bottle, and paint. For the wizard, I used two wooden dowels (One in two halves to make arms, the other for the staff), tiny pieces of flat wood to add on the staff, canvas for the cloak and hat, some cardboard for the head, a wooden block for the body, glue to hold some of the pieces together, and paint for the color. For the robot, I used cardboard for the head, two wooden dowels cut in halves for the arms, cut up think flat wood to make armor on the arms, and paint and glue from the glue stick. For the robot's legs. I had Matt Enwia cut a rectangular wooden block in half and then glued the pieces on the robot body and painted them. Finally for the dragon, I used most of the modeling clay, some wire to hold the arms, claws, teeth, horns, and wings in place, Sculpey for the eyes, teeth, claws, and horns, canvas for the wings, and paint for the body. For the dragon's wings, I made them out of clay, then partially hollowed them out so I could place cut out pieces of canvas cloth into the hollowed areas, then I squished the clay on the cloth in order to hold them in place, then I shaped them more like wings and got some wire, and attached to the rest of the dragon. For the scale effect on the dragon, I used a piece of wire, folded it to a circular shape, then stamped the wire piece all over the dragon's body until it looked like scales.