Innocence Transcends

   by Mariadis Akinci for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

My project is passed on the movie “The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas”. I believe that the movie and the acting portrayed by the child actors is a work of art. I was very excited to recreate the meeting location. I started by utilizing the mystery build box as my back drop. I cut the excess flaps, painted the box to resemble the sky, and painted a dark base for the ground. I then used the Sculpey polymer clay to make the clouds and molded them to the backdrop of the sky. Next I painted a good amount of the shredded newsprint. I painted it a very dark green and also a light green. I pasted that to the ground of my scenery with the glue. For the fence, I used the Chavant modeling clay for the largest post. I molded it into a rectangular shape and used 2 wooden dowels to reinforce the inside. I cut 3 small pieces of another piece of the wooden dowel to support the base. I then used the foam block to make the 3 smaller posts. I cut them to size with a knife. I then shaped the top of the posts by molding the clay, and cutting smaller pieces of the foam block, to create a slightly curved top. (I glued the smaller pieces to the top of the foam.) To complete the posts, I painted them with a base grayish color, and then added beige and black to create a speckled look. For the wiring of the fence, I used the steel wire. With a pair of pliers I was able to manipulate and separate the necessary pieces. I simply put the wire through the clay and foam to keep in place. I did the same to make the vertical wire lines, except I curved the ends with the pliers to hook them on the top and bottom horizontal wires, in order to keep them in place. For the small spikes on the wires, I twisted little pieces of the shredded newspaper around certain points in the fence, and then painted them black. For the 2 children I used the modeling clay for the bodies. I separated pieces for the head, body, arms, nose, shoes, and legs, and then I sculpted them in the desired positions, painted the appropriate areas, and used a charcoal pencil to draw the features. For their clothes, I used the canvas cloth. I cut the shapes for the shirts and pants, painted them, and glued them onto the figures. I used pins to keep the clothes in place until they dried. And lastly, the ball was made out of modeling clay, which I drew lines on with a knife, and then was painted..I thoroughly enjoyed making this project.