Into the Mirror

   by Chenoa Casburn for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Mirror Mask(movie)

I started off with the large block of wood and painted it half white and half black. From here I added the detail of the sun and moon on the front and the spider eye on the back. I used the wire to make the basic structure of Helena (the girl). After that I covered the wire in chavant modeling clay, using almost half of what came in the kit. As you can see I sculpted her holding the mirror mask. I painted her in the main outfit from the movie, yellow shirt, white pants, and bunny slippers. I glued her to the base after this was done. The mirror mask is metallic and black acrylics. I finally sculpted the moon staff and sun key. I painted the moon staff gold and the sun key silver after baking for the recommended time. I glued both of these pieces to there respected sides. The glue I used all thru was the elmers glue included in the kit.