by Araseli Yanez for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Kiss

Inspiration Artist: Gustav Klimt

I made two figures made with the steel wire, sculpey clay, dowel and chant modeling clay. I made their skin with the sculpey clay and the top layer with the modeling clay and then painted it with watercolor and acrylic . I took off the first layer of the cardboard and made their clothes with that. I made their hair with the rope. I took the rope apart and painted it with watercolor. I painted it with watercolor and acrylic paint. Then hot glue the hair on top of their heads. I made a stand with the wood block, plywood and drape it with the canvas. Painted the canvas green and made grass with painted shredded newsprint. I also made the flowers with the plastic pellets and then painted them with watercolor. I glued the pieces of shredded newsprint with glue and the flower with hot glue. I made the background with the cardboard and paint it with acrylic.