L'Aficianado (3-D)

   by Frances Vandal for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: L'Aficianado (Le Terero)

Inspiration Artist: Picasso

Materials used: Mystery Build Box, Canvas, Glue Stick, Wire, Sculpey, Wood pieces large, small and block, small canvas board, dowel.

First, I studied Picasso's L'Aficianado because I new I wanted to make something three-dimensional. The wood pieces influenced me to find a work of art within this color palette. Next, I traced out the various section and layers of the painting to create patterns out of the wood. Then, I cut up the Mystery Build box to create my canvas. I glued the loose canvas to the box, reinforced the box with the left over pieces of cardboard. Painted the box and canvas similar to Picasso's style (as well as I could!). Then, I began cutting out pieces of wood and the canvas board in the various shapes of the cubist elements. I used the wire to create the picador, Nimes, Le Terero, Guitar and Figure. Sculpey was used to create the eyebrow, moustache and lips of the afficianado. Additional paint was used for effect.

I had a lot of pieces left over from my Mystery Build box.

And...this was fun!