Lady Liberty Relaxes

   by Kathy Steere for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Statue of Libery

The coil of wire made a wonderful armature for Lady L and the recliner as well as being useful as "nails" for the other furniture. Some of the corrugated cardboard from the box added volume to the wire armatures. The shredded paper stuffed the chair for volume and comfort. The fabric turned into a rug and upholstery. (Glad for the glue stick to "sew" the upholstery!) The Chavant clay was very versatile for the statue pieces. The Sculpey clay turned into the drink, with some wrapped around a bit of wire for the straw. The picture on the TV was cut from the label on the box and collaged with the Elmer's glue for HD clarity. The plastic pellets are in the bowl to mimic popcorn.

Tools included needle-nose pliers - for bending wire. scroll saw - for cutting wood blocks and dowels, utility knife - for thin wood and paper label, sandpaper, glue gun -for the glue stick, paintbrushes and acrylic paint, scissors - both paper and fabric, clothespins and craft sticks - as clamps for TV, drill and small bit - for "nail" holes and torch holder, hair dryer and heat gun - to soften Chavant clay, assorted dental and clay tools - for details on clay.

This was great fun using all sorts of different materials and dusting off long forgotten skills - like gluing with Elmer's Glue! The challenge was in not knowing how far some of the included materials would go.

I look forward to doing this again!