Le Mwah

   by Kelsey Johnson and Shana Kruchten, Sara Sloan, Li Ban for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: The Kiss

Inspiration Artist: Gustav Klimt

We painted the canvas board and used it as the background and cut the wood blocks and assorted hardwoods with a saw and painted that as well. The oak plywood is the panel for the bodies and the assorted hardwood becomes texture on the left hand side for the male's robe. The Sculpey polymer clay is used for most of the body parts except for the male's head and hair, which is formed out of the Chavant modeling clay. The female's hair is composed of the shredded newsprint and the flowers are formed out of the friendly plastic pellets. Shredded newsprint is also used for the spirals on the right hand side of the woman, with painted plastic pellets in and around them. Her dress is painted canvas cloth supported by a wooden dowel.

"We chose to reinvent "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. "Mwah" is an onomatopoeia (word that phonetically imitates a sound) for an enthusiastic smooch. Our title encourages the viewer to observe our three dimensional interpretation in a light hearted manner. The materials provided allowed us to explore the depth, complexity, and playfulness of love"