Le squelette d'absinthe

   by Leah Vaughn for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Vichet wine absinthe poster

Inspiration Artist: L.Revon et Cle (a.k.a. Nover)

I drew up a stencil of my filigree frame in Illustrator and used the cardboard box pieced together to create the base. The chavant clay was built up on the cardboard to create dimension. The backdrop piece was also made of the cardboard from the box and attached to the front with wooden dowels wire and glue.The figure was made with sculpey clay and steel wire. I used the canvas cloth to make her outfit and rope to make the hair. I sewed the dress together with threads from the canvas cloth. Friendly beads were used to make the drinking glass. The letters were cut out of plywood on a water jet. Everything was held together with pieces of wire, elmers glue, and the one glue stick (thanks) and painted with acrylic paint to tie the whole thing together.

I decided to make the figure a skeleton instead of alive for several reasons. There wasn't enough clay to make a whole person, halloween is almost here, seemed fitting for an absinthe poster, and skeletons are pretty cool in my book.