Leonardo Da Vinci, The Codex Carousel

   by Teresa Reaver for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Da Vinci's Codeces (his compilations of manuscripts and drawings)

Inspiration Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci

I have chosen to base my piece on the codeces of Leonardo Da Vinci. This carousel model attempts to bring to life in 3 dimensions some of Da Vinci's most influential works.

Brief build description:
I began by deconstructing the canvas board and the oak plywood based on drawings I made of the pieces needed my base. I then sawed, filed, sanded, molded and painted the various elements built mainly from the sheet wood, walnut blocks and steel wire.

Materials used:
Assorted hardwoods, canvas board, Chavant modeling clay, Friendly plastic pellets, glue bottle, oak plywood, shredded newsprint, steel wire, sculpey polymer clay and wooden dowels.

Tools used:
Band saw, scroll saw, drill press, sander, wood lathe, jeweler's saw, vise, assorted pliers, flexible shaft, assorted drill bits, hammer, files, sandpaper, circle punch, wire bending jig, binder clips, clamps, camera tripods, inkjet printer, oven, Canon camera, paint brushes and others I can't think of at the moment.