Life On A Pedestal

   by Carol Aimone and Aimone Women for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Life On A Pedestal

Inspiration Artist: Picasso

Two mystery build boxes were purchased for our summer reunion project between the women and men of the Aimone family. The woman decided to do Picasso's "Life on a Pedestal". The project was decided upon and completed in one day. We used most of the materials in the box. We added paint as the only additional product used. The consensus was to do Picasso since we all could do one portion of the project and then put it all together. Oldest granddaughter did the painting, youngest granddaughter did some of the glueing . Everyone else helped create this work of art. We used the box as a frame, wire , clay,plastic pellets; foam block; canvas board, canvas cloth, glue, plywood, rope, dowels.

the individuals completing this project were 8 women altogether; four adult women, one 16yr old, one 14 yr. old, one 12 yr. old and one 7 yr. old. All of these individuals participated in some way.