Little Big Ben

   by Brett Spyker and Jaina Spyker, Brett Spyker, Shannon Spyker for Re-Invent a Work of Art (2013)

Inspiration Piece: Big Ben/Palace of Westminster

"Little Big Ben" has wood blocks, glued together, as its central support. Covering that is a layer of Chavant modeling clay, which has been painted. The pyramid-shaped top section was created with Sculpey polymer clay. The four clock faces were created with Friendly Plastic, and the clock hands are steel wire. The tower sits on a "lawn" whose base is the canvas board, painted green (representing grass) and gray (representing road), and covered with shredded floral foam block material for texture. Everything was fastened together using Elmer's glue.

Jaina Spyker (5th grader) was the primary designer and decisionmaker. She had help from her parents in creating this piece.